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Motors play a crucial role in a wide range of industries and applications, providing power and control to various machines and equipment. The Motors category features a diverse selection of high-quality motors designed for different purposes, including servo motors, burner motors, and motors with capacitors.

Whether you need a motor for a MAN RE, DZ, or GZ model, this category has you covered with options such as the Motor MAN RE 1, DE 1, GE 1, and more. Servo motors like the LKS 160 and LKS 130 are also available for MAN and Intercal models, offering precise control and stability.

Burner motors like the MAN RE 1.44 H, 1.50 H, and 1.60 H provide reliable performance for heating systems, while motors with capacitors ensure efficient operation in various applications. With trusted brands like Hanning and Conectron in this category, you can find the perfect motor for your specific needs. Explore the Motors category to discover top-notch motors for your industrial or commercial requirements.