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Electrodes - cables - Anodes

Electrodes, cables, and anodes are essential components in various heating systems and boilers, ensuring efficient and reliable operation. This category includes a wide range of products such as anodes of different sizes and specifications, ignition electrodes, double electrodes, and ignition cables.

Whether you need an anode for a specific boiler model like Elco-Klockner Boiler 300ER or VISTRON 160SL, or an ignition electrode for Klockner EK01..G-U/ZVU, you can find a suitable product in this category. Additionally, there are double electrodes for various models like KL4 KL18 and KL4/6/Z/VZ, along with ignition cables in different lengths and diameters.

These electrodes, cables, and anodes play a crucial role in ensuring proper ignition and consistent performance of heating systems. By choosing high-quality products from this category, you can enhance the efficiency and longevity of your heating equipment. Upgrade or replace your electrodes, cables, and anodes with the products available in this category to maintain optimal performance and functionality of your heating system.