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Pressur plates

Pressure plates are essential components in various industrial applications, serving the important function of controlling the flow of fluids and gases within machinery and systems. This category offers a wide range of pressure plates from reputable brands such as Elco-Klockner, designed to meet the diverse needs of different industries.

From pressure plate brackets to mixers and units, this category features products like the Elco-Klockner EK01.3L-H, EL01A.2 H, and 3333012641, as well as the Elco EK 03.50-L-Z-A 3333009663. These pressure plates are known for their durability, precision, and efficiency in regulating pressure levels effectively.

Whether you are looking for replacement pressure plates or new components for your machinery, this category has a variety of options to choose from. Explore the range of pressure plates, brackets, mixers, and more to find the right products for your industrial needs. Trust in the quality and reliability of these pressure plates to keep your systems running smoothly and efficiently.