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Control units

Control units are essential components for various heating systems, providing users with the ability to adjust and regulate temperature settings. The products in this category, such as the Elco-Klockner LOGON-U ULTRON 475858786 and the Elco Heating controller LOGON-SOL COMPACT, offer precise control over heating elements in residential and commercial environments.

With options like the Elco Heating control LOGON-E ET-set and the Heating controller LOGON-SOL PLUS, users can easily manage their heating systems to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency. The category also includes PCBs like the Elco Vistron 200 CSLM 60001059, which play a vital role in maintaining the functionality of control units.

Whether it's the Elco LOGON Plus Analogue remote selector or the Heating control Logon-B G1+Z1, this category offers a range of products to suit different heating control needs. From simple controls to more advanced systems, these control units provide users with the tools needed to create a comfortable and efficient heating environment.