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​Special services and products

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Special services and products

Gas business – with our the specialized technical team we can support demanding projects like

  • 1. Complete assembled gas trains, Gas booster stations, according to your project's specification.

We have been manufacturing complete gas trains and complete gas systems for decades.

Use our experience and our service facilities.

Look in your projects, inform us about the technical parameters of your projects and we can deliver complete gas trains by giving you our full support and presence if needed.

  • 2. Industrial burners, steam & industrial boilers.
  • 3. Furnaces for beverages, kitchens ,for bakeries , for ceramic , for steel-steel mills, for aluminum , for glass production plants, for cement, for gypsum, for asphalt, for clay, for food industry , for sugar, for chemical plants , for pharmaceutical , etc.
  • 4. Painting cabs for all these type of industries.
  • 5. Radiant tube and infrared heaters and other type of air heaters.
  • 6. Ventilation equipment such as humidifying and dehumidifying systems & desiccation systems such furnaces in industry and other systems.
  • 7. Packaged Combined Heat Power systems for small or big capacities working in the low and the high pressure range.

Such a system consists of production of heat and electricity at the same time.

We can sell either complete gas train either single gas components.

The ideal our products for these customers are:

Ball valves, normal gas filters or special gas filters for bio gases and other special gases, flame arresters, pressure switches, single MVD and double DMV solenoid valves 24-28 VDC and 230 VAC, pressure regulators FRS etc., zero pressure regulators FRNG- FRN, valve proving systems VPS 504, DSLC in 24-28 VDC or other voltages.

KromSchroder products and components

KromschröderKestakon limited also supplies products and components from KromSchroder (Kromschröder). Kromschroder (Kromschroeder) provides various solutions for the petrochemical and process industries. Kromschröder supplies through Kestakon limited gas line - and security, Jeavons equipment and the Elster-Instromet gas equipment.If you want more information on products, parts and accessories of Kromschroder please contact the sales department at

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Our company is at your disposal to provide you solutions for your application. We can offer you Gas Safety, Measuring & Control Trains, Stations delivered either completely assembled either in loose parts. Multifunctional gas systems (GasMultiBloc®, Double Magnetic Valve), type MB-DLE…, MB-ZRDLE…, MB-VEF…, DMV-D…, HF Bloc, MBC, GB…, for burners, thermal process, gas engines. Valve Proving [...]

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​The HVAC Spare Parts Market

The HVAC Spare Parts MarketThe heating, ventilating and air conditioning market (referred to in the industry as HVAC) relates to the entire technology of indoor temperature and control. The goal of HVAC is to ensure that the environment is the correct temperature for its purpose, whether the need is for a comfortably cool temperature for [...]

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Satronic Burner Controls

Satronic is a trademark of Honeywell from Switzerland and is specialized in control equipment for gas and oil burners. Kestakon Limited supplies these products such as burner sequence controllers, ignition transformers, control units, flame scanners, flame sensors, damper motors, electro-hydraulic actuators, multiblocs & gas train, gas solenoid valves, pressure switches, oil & gas filters, oil [...]

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Siemens HVAC deals

At kestakon Ltd., we offer amazing deals on HVAC Siemens products. All of our Siemens products are new and have never been used.For availability and shipping, please email or call .Click to download the pdf file

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Siemens Acvatix

STA23 (230 VAC), STA73 (24 VAC), STA63 (24 Vac, 0-10 VDC positioning signal)Electro thermal NC actuators with connecting cable for:• Radiator valves VDN.., VEN.., VUN..• MCV Mini Combi Valves VPD.., VPE..• Small valves VD1..CLC..• Zone valves V..I46..• Combi valves VPP46.., VPI46..• Valves of other manufacturersSTP23 (230 Vac), STP73 (24 Vac), STA63 (24 Vac, 0-10 Vdc positioning signal)Electro thermal NO actuators with [...]

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Synco Web Server OZW

Central communication units OZW..OZW remote control units via KNX, LPB and M-BUSOZW672.01 "Web-Server for LPB/BSB plantsWeb server OZW672.1 allows for remote plant control and monitoring viathe web and Smartphone-App.To connect max 4 LPB/BSB units for the Sigmagyr / Albatros and Albatros2 ranges.  Heating controllers RVL4.., RVP3.. District heating controller RVD2.. Universal controller RVP5.. Heating [...]

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