Dungs Multifunctional gas systems for burners

12th May 2017

Our company is at your disposal to provide you solutions for your application. We can offer you Gas Safety, Measuring & Control Trains, Stations delivered either completely assembled either in loose parts.

  • Multifunctional gas systems (GasMultiBloc®, Double Magnetic Valve), type MB-DLE…, MB-ZRDLE…, MB-VEF…, DMV-D…, HF Bloc, MBC, GB…, for burners, thermal process, gas engines.
  • Valve Proving Systems (VPS, VDK, DSLC, LK2F/2).
  • Electromagnetic / Solenoid Valves (HSAV, MVD, ZR, SV, LGV, LV).
  • Electromagnetic Valves with pneumatic actuators for high pressure (HFSV).
  • Pressure Switches for air, gas and exhaust
  • Gas Pressure Regulators (FRS, FRI, FRU, RS, R, HDR) and Zero Pressure Governors.
  • Safety shut-off Valves (SAV).
  • Safety blow-off Valves (FRSBV, SL10, SRV).
  • Filters for gas and air (GF).
  • Manometers, Test Burners.
  • Compensation Joints / Flexible Tubes.
  • Automatic Burner Controls and Burner Management Systems (BCS, MPA, DGAI, Modufire).
  • Mottor Butterlfy Valves (DMK) with Actuators (DMA).
  • Systems ATEX (atmosphere explosive).
  • Whirlwind + MBC + MPA or BCS. New integral concept for 100% premixed burner, high ratio modulating for high performance in the combustion field with advantages for low consumption (the most indicated solution for condensing boilers or boilers with economizer).
  • Instruments for control and measurement of Gas Lines & Gas Trains.