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Humidity And Temperature Transmitter Ip30 P12201

The Humidity and Temperature Transmitter IP30 P12201 category features a wide range of products designed for room mounting with advanced sensing capabilities. These transmitters combine accurate humidity and temperature measurements in a compact and durable housing suitable for various indoor environments.

Each product in this category, such as the TTUA and TTUA-D models, comes equipped with different sensor options including NI1000-01, NTC1.8, PT100, and more to suit specific monitoring needs. The TTUA-M and TTUA-NI1000-02 are additional options for versatile installation and enhanced performance.

With their IP30 protection rating, these transmitters are reliable and efficient solutions for monitoring and controlling indoor climate conditions. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial applications, the Humidity and Temperature Transmitter IP30 P12201 category offers high-quality devices that ensure precise and consistent data for optimal comfort and productivity. Upgrade your temperature and humidity monitoring systems with these innovative and reliable transmitters today.