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Humidity Transmitter P12199

The Humidity Transmitter P12199 category features a range of high-quality humidity transmitters designed for room mounting applications. These transmitters provide accurate and reliable measurements of humidity levels, making them essential for ensuring optimal indoor air quality and comfort.

Equipped with a 4-20mA output and IP30 protection, the TUA-C and TUA-CD humidity transmitters in this category offer a seamless integration into existing building automation systems. Their compact design and easy installation make them suitable for a variety of commercial and residential settings, including offices, hospitals, laboratories, and more.

With advanced sensing technology, these transmitters deliver real-time data on humidity levels, allowing users to monitor and control indoor conditions effectively. Whether it's for climate control, energy efficiency, or equipment protection, the Humidity Transmitter P12199 category provides reliable solutions for maintaining a healthy and comfortable environment.

Choose from our selection of humidity transmitters to enhance your indoor air quality management and achieve optimal performance in your facility.