Siemens RDS110

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Siemens RDS110, S55772-T100

Smart Room Thermostat

Room thermostat for the control of heating applications in apartments, single family homes, dormitories
and other residential-type as well as light commercial spaces. With remote access via computer, tablet,
or smartphone using the Siemens Comfort Cloud service.

Room thermostat features
  • Backlit, auto-dimming 90 mm color LCD touch screen for intuitive local operation
  • Mobile app for smartphones
  • Air quality indication via built-in sensor
  • Operate automatically following a scheduler
  • Direct temperature and operating mode selection
  • RoomOptiControl function with Green leaf button for energy-optimized operation
  • Temperature setting limitation for use in public spaces
  • Screen lock protection against unauthorized access
  • Manual switchover between "Home", "Away" and "OFF" on touch screen
  • Room temperature control using the built-in temperature sensor or an optional remote sensor
  • Optional temperature averaging using an additional remote temperature sensor
  • Patented self-learning algorithm with PID response (patent pending) guaranteeing optimum temperature control performance in all room types
  • Optimum start control function that advances the switch-on time to ensure the selected setpoint is reached as required
  • Floor temperature limitation using a remote sensor in electric floor-heating applications
  • Humidity control using the built-in humidity sensor or an optional remote sensor
  • Presence detection using a built-in PIR sensor or approach sensor
  • Two multifunctional inputs, optional and configurable for operating mode switchover contact (e.g. window contact), remote room temperature sensor, floor temperature sensor, outside air temperature sensor, remote humidity sensor
  • Two relay outputs for heating equipment, extra output for domestic hot water (DHW) boiler, humidifier or dehumidifier
  • Periodic pump/valve operation to protect against seizing
  • Navigation wizard for guided, fast commissioning
  • Remote firmware upgrade capability
Remote operation and monitoring
  • Mobile App for smartphones and tablets based on iOS and Android
  • Individual time program for each day of the week
  • Energy consumption indication
  • Manual switchover between “Home”, “Away” and “OFF” operating modes on mobile app
  • Individual scheduler for domestic hot water boiler
  • User account management



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