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The RAK category includes a wide range of thermal reset limit thermostats and frost protection thermostats from Siemens, designed to protect and regulate temperatures in various industrial settings. These high-quality products ensure reliable and efficient temperature control, providing a safe and stable environment for equipment and machinery. The Siemens RAK-TW series offers thermal reset limit thermostats that are optimal for maintaining desired temperature levels, while the RAK-TB and RAK-ST series provide temperature limiters and safety limit thermostats for added protection against overheating and other temperature-related issues. The Siemens RAK-H-M terminal housing is also available in this category, offering a durable and secure enclosure for thermostat installations. With a diverse selection of products to choose from, the RAK category is the ideal solution for temperature control needs in industrial applications. Stay ahead of temperature fluctuations and ensure optimal performance with Siemens RAK products.