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RAV, or Room Air Volume control systems, are essential components in HVAC systems for regulating the airflow and temperature within a space. These systems play a crucial role in ensuring optimal air quality and comfort levels for occupants in various environments, including residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

RAV systems, like the Siemens RAV11.1, are designed to provide precise control over the amount of air circulating in a room, allowing for customizable airflow rates to meet specific heating and cooling requirements. With advanced features such as variable air volume control, temperature sensors, and energy-efficient operation, RAV systems help enhance indoor air quality while promoting energy savings and cost-effectiveness.

Whether used in conjunction with a central HVAC system or as standalone units, RAV systems offer a versatile and reliable solution for maintaining comfortable indoor environments year-round. With their user-friendly controls and durable construction, RAV systems are a preferred choice for architects, contractors, and building owners looking to optimize air distribution and climate control in their properties.
  • Siemens RAV11.1

    Siemens RAV11.1

    Siemens RAV11.1 Mains-independent, electronic PID controller with 2-position output, battery-powered With analog 24-hour time switch Self-learning 2-position controller with PID control (patented) Color of housing front: signal white RAL9003 (NCS S...

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