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RDH, or Room Humidity Controllers, are essential for maintaining a comfortable and healthy indoor environment. These devices help regulate the humidity levels in a room, preventing issues such as mold growth, dampness, and discomfort. The Siemens RDH series offers a range of high-quality humidity controllers designed to suit different needs and spaces. Whether it is the compact and easy-to-use RDH10, the advanced RDH100, or the wireless RDH100RF/SET, these products are engineered to provide precise and efficient humidity control. With features like adjustable set points, clear displays, and user-friendly interface, the Siemens RDH controllers make it easy to monitor and adjust humidity levels according to personal preferences. Whether at home, in the office, or in industrial settings, these devices ensure a healthy and pleasant atmosphere for occupants. Invest in a Siemens RDH humidity controller for optimal comfort and peace of mind.
  • Siemens RDH100RF/SET, S55770-T378 Room thermostat

    Siemens RDH100RF/SET

    Siemens RDH100RF/SET, S55770-T378 Room thermostat radio frequency set (transmitter and receiver) Radio frequency controller set consisting of:RDH100RF: Electronic room thermostat with radio frequency transmitter, same controller functionality as RDH100...

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  • Siemens RDH100, S55770-T377 Room thermostat

    Siemens RDH100

    Siemens RDH100, S55770-T377 Room thermostat Mains independent, battery powered electronic room thermostat with TPI output control. The required temperature is adjusted with the large setting knob on the front of the unit. Easy operation by large...

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  • Siemens RDH10

    Siemens RDH10

    Siemens RDH10 Room thermostat, LCD, setting knob Datasheet Upgrade your home's heating system with the Siemens RDH10 room thermostat. This thermostat features a clear LCD display and a convenient setting knob, making it easy to adjust the temperature...

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