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RDJ, short for Room Digital Junction, encompasses a range of smart and innovative products designed to enhance the efficiency and control of heating systems in residential and commercial spaces. These products offer advanced features such as wireless connectivity, programmable settings, and intuitive interfaces for simplified operation.

The Siemens RDJ series, including the RDJ10RF/SET and RDJ100RF/SET models, are popular choices within this category. These devices provide users with the ability to remotely monitor and adjust their heating systems, resulting in improved comfort and energy savings. The RDJ100RF/SET in particular offers additional functionality and enhanced performance compared to its predecessor, the RDJ10RF/SET.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing heating system or are seeking a more sophisticated solution for a new construction project, the RDJ category is sure to offer products that meet your requirements. With Siemens’ reputation for quality and reliability, you can trust that these RDJ products will deliver exceptional performance and durability for years to come. Upgrade your heating control today with the Siemens RDJ series.
  • Siemens RDJ100, S55770-T379 Room thermostat

    Siemens RDJ100

    Siemens RDJ100, S55770-T379 Room thermostat with 24-hour time switch and large LCD Mains independent, time programming, battery powered electronic room thermostat with TPI output control. With digital 24-hour time program Easy operation by large...

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  • Siemens RDJ100RF/SET, S55770-T380 Room thermostat radio frequency set with 24-hour time switch

    Siemens RDJ100RF/SET

    Siemens RDJ100RF/SET, S55770-T380 Room thermostat radio frequency set (transmitter and receiver) Radio frequency controller set consisting of:RDH100RF: Electronic room thermostat with radio frequency transmitter, same controller functionality as RDH100...

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