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The REV category offers a wide range of innovative and reliable thermostat controllers produced by Siemens. Designed to provide precise temperature regulation and energy efficiency, these products are ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

The Siemens REV13 is a simple and user-friendly thermostat controller, perfect for basic temperature control needs. For more advanced functionality, the REV24 series offers programmable features and increased customization options. The REV24DC models are designed for direct current systems, ensuring compatibility with a variety of heating and cooling systems.

For users seeking wireless connectivity, the REV24RFDC/SET and REV24RF/SET models provide remote access and control options through radio frequency technology. This allows for convenient temperature adjustments from anywhere within range of the controller.

With their sleek design and state-of-the-art technology, Siemens REV thermostats offer a reliable and efficient solution for maintaining optimal comfort levels in any environment. Upgrade your temperature control system with the REV category and experience the benefits of smart energy management.
  • Siemens REV24RF/SET

    Siemens REV24RF/SET

    Siemens REV24RF/SET Set of a radio-frequency thermostat battery-operated and an receiver. Featuring user-friendly operation, easy-to-read display and large numbers Datasheet The Siemens REV24RF/SET is a convenient and reliable set consisting of a...

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  • Siemens REV24RFDC/SET

    Siemens REV24RFDC/SET

    Siemens REV24RFDC/SET Room thermostat with 2-point control and 7-day time switch, receiver with relay outputs (RF set), batteries, heating or cooling, receive time signal DCF77   Datasheet The Siemens REV24RFDC/SET is a versatile room thermostat...

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  • Siemens REV24DC

    Siemens REV24DC

    Siemens REV24DC Mains-independent, battery-operated room temperature controller featuring user-friendly operation, easy-to-read display and large numbers Self-learning two-position controller with PID response (patented) Datasheet The Siemens REV24DC...

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  • Siemens REV24

    Siemens REV24

    Siemens REV24 Datasheet The Siemens REV24 is a reliable and versatile programmable digital room temperature controller designed for optimal comfort and energy savings. This user-friendly device allows for precise control of room temperature, ensuring...

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  • Siemens REV13DC

    Siemens REV13DC

    Siemens REV13DC Datasheet The Siemens REV13DC is a highly reliable and efficient digital room thermostat designed to provide optimal control over your heating system. With its user-friendly interface, this thermostat allows easy programming and...

  • Siemens REV13

    Siemens REV13

    Siemens REV13 Datasheet The Siemens REV13 is a versatile and reliable device that brings advanced control to your heating system. This programmable room thermostat allows you to set up to six temperature changes per day, ensuring your home is always...

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