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AS Series

The AS Series product category offers a wide range of high-quality oil pumps designed for efficient and reliable heating systems. With products such as the Suntec AS 47 D1557 Oil pump, Interklima Classic-therm 2000-1, and Suntec AS57C1544 6P 0500 oil pump, this category is perfect for professionals in the HVAC industry looking for top-notch equipment.

Whether you need a Suntec AS47A1536 6P oil pump, Suntec AS47A7432 4P 0500 oil pump, or Suntec AS47A7509EP0500 oil pump, the AS Series has you covered. These pumps are known for their durability, performance, and easy installation process, making them a popular choice among heating system installers.

From the Suntec AS47AK1602 6P 0700 oil pump to the Elco 13010118, the AS Series offers a diverse selection to suit your specific needs. Trust in the AS Series for premium oil pumps that will keep your heating system running smoothly for years to come.