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TRG stands for Thermal Magnetic Trip Units, a crucial component in electrical equipment protection. These trip units work by sensing electrical abnormalities such as overcurrents and short circuits, and shutting off power flow to prevent damage or hazards. The Siemens TRG series is known for its reliability and high performance in various industrial and commercial applications.

The Siemens TRG2 and TRG22 are top-of-the-line Thermal Magnetic Trip Units designed to ensure the safety and efficiency of electrical systems. The TRG2 model is ideal for smaller electrical loads, while the TRG22 model is suitable for larger systems with higher current capacities. Both units are easy to install and use, providing peace of mind for users seeking maximum protection.

Whether it's for a distribution board, switchgear, or motor control center, the Siemens TRG series offers a range of trip units to fit different needs. With their advanced technology and durable construction, these products guarantee reliable protection for electrical systems of all sizes. Trust Siemens TRG to keep your equipment safe and running smoothly.
  • Siemens TRG22

    Siemens TRG22

    Siemens TRG22 Room thermostat with helix sensor, TR -5..50 C, 2 switches on 2 steps 2..12 K difference Datasheet The Siemens TRG22 room thermostat is designed with a helix sensor, allowing for precise temperature control in a range of -5 to 50 degrees...

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  • Siemens TRG2

    Siemens TRG2

    Siemens TRG2 Room thermostat with helix sensor, TR -5..50 C Datasheet The Siemens TRG2 room thermostat with helix sensor is the perfect solution for maintaining optimal room temperature. With a range of -5 to 50 degrees Celsius, this thermostat allows...

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