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The VVF32 product category includes a range of Siemens valve actuators designed for precise control in industrial processes. These actuators provide reliable and efficient operation for a variety of applications, with options available for different torque and voltage requirements.

The Siemens VVF32.25-10, VVF32.25-6.3, VVF32.40-16, VVF32.40-25, VVF32.50-40, VVF32.65-63, VVF32.80-100, VVF32.100-160, VVF32.125-250, and VVF32.150-400 models offer a wide range of torque outputs to suit various valve sizes and types. The VVF32.15-1.6, VVF32.15-2.5, and VVF32.15-4 models are ideal for smaller valves or applications that require lower torque.

With Siemens' reputation for quality and innovation, the VVF32 series of valve actuators are built to withstand demanding industrial environments and deliver consistent performance. Whether you need to control flow, pressure, or temperature, these actuators provide the precision and reliability necessary for critical processes.